Being Tired Sucks

I love my dog. He’s awesome. But he wakes me up every morning to go out and take care of business. That’s reasonable—we live in an apartment so we can’t just let him go into the back yard. I really wish we could though. Anyway, he wakes me up. Never my wife, always me.

Occasionally he’ll wake me up earlier than my alarm. That’s not a bad thing. When nature calls, you’ve got to respond. But man if it doesn’t suck to be woken up before your alarm! Especially when you’ve had to wake up early every day that weekend and didn’t get a chance to refuel after the work week. That’s what happened this morning, and I’m exhausted. Plus when we were out walking I had the stupidest fall ever. I was stumbling trying to regain my footing for what must have been an eternity before I finally fell. Stupid!

could take the day off. That’s something that my job affords me. But if I take a day off, then the work builds up. Most of the time that’s not bad, but I’ve got a bad feeling about this week. I feel like I’m going to get a lot of work this week, and I’ve got to be here to take care of things as quickly as possible.

Why can’t I just let myself take a day off to rest? What’s wrong with me?

Being tired sucks.


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