Dangerous Stock Images

So I found a site that hosts public domain images, and I thought it would be cool to browse through the pictures to see what kind of material they had. Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this in my free time at work, but then again, maybe there should be a setting to prevent images that could get me fired from showing up? Apparently they’re “Editor’s Choice – Stunning images and videos, hand-picked by our team”, so it wouldn’t be too hard to just flag pictures that might raise eyebrows and add a checkbox to suppress them while you’re going through… I mean, they’re images that aren’t in and of themselves inappropriate—nudity is natural and not necessarily sexual, after all—but I’m willing to bet that people would be using this image service for their job—what content provider wouldn’t want such a huge library of free, public domain images? So maybe they should have an option to not display things that you wouldn’t want a higher-up seeing as they walk by?

Just a thought.

Aside from that, I’m super happy that I found out about Pixabay. The pictures are excellent quality, there’s a very nice selection, and you just can’t beat the price! Check them out if you need pictures for your blog, just maybe don’t do it while you’re at work.

Anyway, I don’t think I’m going to even use featured images on my posts for this blog anymore. It’s too much effort for something I’m not gonna show anyone, and it kinda clashes with the simple theme I picked.


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