I really wish I could get back into YouTube. In high school, I made some pretty good vlog-style entertainment videos, and a few years ago I made Minecraft videos. I’d love to get back into the Minecraft videos, because a bunch of people from the server I used to play on still make videos and are pretty active on it. I just haven’t even played Minecraft in such a long time that I’m not even sure what I’d do for videos anymore. Plus there’s still the original problem of never being able to record videos because my computer constantly hecks up.

Recently, I have had some ideas for what I could do to make a comeback, but I don’t know if I’d be able to keep it up long enough to actually make videos again. Maybe if I make a single video per month or something? That would be sad but at least it would be more than the nothing I’ve been doing.


The other problem is time. When would I make these videos? I work full time, so that’s a problem. Plus I have no recording equipment to record videos with… Although I’ve been thinking of a setup involving simply recording my screen and then recording the audio separately with, for example, my iPhone voice recorder and splicing them together. My second-favorite video editor, OpenShot, is now available on all operating systems (previously it was only on Linux), so that’ll be nice to use. I really wish I could use the old version of iMovie, but it’s really hard to get nowadays. You used to be able to get really precise cuts because it would play the video and audio as you moved the mouse cursor over the timeline, but now it’s super different and hard for me to figure out. Plus I don’t have a Mac computer that can handle video editing, so I’m stuck with OpenShot.

Well I think I’ve talked (written?) myself into it. I’m gonna try to make Minecraft videos again somehow! I might post about it if I end up doing it and feel like posting later. Wish me luck!

UPDATE: I did it! OpenShot crashed a bunch, but I did it!


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