I’ve been sick for the past 3 days with a cold I caught from my wife who’s going on a week of being sick. Her cold developed into a nasty sinus infection, and it’s had her bound to the bed for days. It’s been absolutely exhausting. I feel terrible because our poor dog hasn’t gotten to go for a substantial walk for the whole time we’ve been sick.

My wife and I both finally started to feel a little better yesterday, and we hardly had to sleep at all! I even got to play with my dog for a full hour! So we’re both going to work even though we’re both still quite sick. I hate being sick, but I’m kind of glad that I was able to essentially take a 5-day weekend off of work and now I only work 3 days before the next weekend! Yay!

I’ve been taking Zicam every 3 hours, and it helps a lot. The rapid melting tablets are awesome, but I wish I could find somewhere that they carry flavors other than orange. I read that they have like raspberry and other berry flavors like that, but nope, only orange is ever available. I’m almost out of the bottle though. They should really put more in there—25 is just not enough for a regular sickness! And that’s the largest bottle size as far as I know.

Anyway, it’s time to go to work. Let’s see how long I last.


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